Where Should a Gal Go to Get Laid Abroad?

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Welcome to Wisdom of the Masses, wherein we tap the global intelligence of our readers on matters you won't find covered in Lonely Planet or Tripadvisor.

Let's say you're a lady. You're traveling internationally. Maybe you're solo, maybe you're not. Either way, you want to have sex with someone. Not gross, blacked-out-at-a-foam-party sex, just a good old fashioned lay with a person you'll probably never see again (and you're just fine with that).

Not every spot on the globe is good for such an endeavor. Nor is every destination full of men who are pleasant. So where is a lady to go for a good knocking of the boots? What destinations have dudes with lots of potential and low ick factor? What are the best international spots for a lady to get laid without feeling like she needs to take a three-hour shower afterward?


We're turning to you, well-traveled readers: Tell us in the comments where you encountered the best guys abroad, places you found that weren't full of creeps. We'll compile the answers and share in a few days so that we can all more effectively go sexing 'round the world.

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It doesn't matter where you go. Because there will be Australians there. Find the Australians.