Man Strips Naked in Airport in Passionate Protest of Overbooked Flight

You know that thing when your flight to Jamaica is overbooked and you’re like “Fine, sir, I will not be taking your voucher for $150 towards future travel on this airline, but what I will be doing is—” and then you don’t even finish your sentence because you’ve already taken all your clothes off, and what is even left, under those circumstances, to say?

No? Just this guy?

Just this guy. The traveler who snapped these photos told NBC Charlotte that the man—pictured here on the way to “get the help he needs”—stood around naked for about 40 minutes. The police officers, on the other hand, say they responded “within minutes” to the news that there was a naked man on the loose, so to speak. Within... 40 minutes. Namaste.


Image via screengrab/USA Today

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