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Unless you’re a particularly conscientious traveler and/or wizard, things can get remarkably messy when you’re living out of a suitcase for any period time. Whether you’re a light packer looking to make your clothes last, or your hotel room goes from zero to hurricane the second you open your bags, Friend of Jezebel™ and noted clean freak Jolie Kerr has helpfully tackled the issue over at Racked.

In addition to packing tips (I personally swear by in-bag organizers—pouches and smaller bags to keep your suitcase in order), Jolie has a clever idea: hand sanitizer doesn’t just assuage your germaphobia, it also works as a handy stain remover, should you find yourself without Shout Wipes or whatnot.

I’ll add another pro tip to the list: I’ve previously proselytized for Downy Wrinkle Release Plus, but that’s not my only defense against road stink. Additionally, I always throw a couple of dryer sheets in my bag. I’ll place them between layers of clothes, which keeps my garments from absorbing the scent of plastic-n-fuselage that often seeps into my luggage. (Sachets accomplish the same thing and offer some choices on scent, sure, but they come with risk: I’ve learned the hard way that if one of them busts open or leaks, you’ve got an annoying mess on your hands.)


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