Backpackers Arrested for Stripping Naked on Sacred Malaysian Mountain

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A Brit, two Canadians, and a Dutch national were arrested after stripping down to their birthday suits on a Malaysian mountain. Related: Idiots have money, will travel.

On Friday, according to USA Today, Eleanor Hawkins, 23, and three fellow travelers disrobed atop Mount Kinabalu, a place that’s sacred in Malaysian culture. Sacred as in do not, under any circumstances, bust out your hot, musty, sight-seeing vagina at this place. But this merry band of backpackers, not being terribly concerned with cross-cultural respect, let it all hang it.


Hawkins, Canadian sisters Danielle and Lindsey Petersen, and Dutch national Dylan Snel were arrested for committing obscene acts in public. The foursome pled guilty and were sentenced to three days behind bars—time already served—and they have been released and hopefully shipped back to their home countries to be reprimanded.

Ladies—and I’m really annoyed this needs to be said—don’t pull your clit out atop a sacred mountain in Malaysia, or anywhere else for that matter. Has no one seen Locked Up Abroad?

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I agree that one should always be respectful of places/things that are deemed sacred by the local culture. That being said this is a case of the punishment not fitting the crime. I find it appalling that this group was punished because the locals think their nudity led to the earthquake. To repeat, the local authorities blamed them for a natural disaster. Seriously? I have no respect for people like that. We know what causes earthquakes and it isn’t offending deities. It’s the 21st century, let’s act like it.