A Creative Way to Fly With a Small Child

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Courtesy of Jezebel’s own Jane Marie comes a solution to traveling with her daughter, Goldie, who refers to this space as “Goldie’s seat.” Before you scold, please note that the flight crew has never said a word about this. So hey, Goldie, you do you. Whatever it takes to keep a kid quiet and content.

“It is against the rules, I think, though no one has told me that,” says Jane in an *exclusive* interview with Flygirl. “But in my defense, I hold her during takeoff and landing.”


Jane’s caption: Stow smaller belongings under the seat in front of you.

It’s not the most conventional arrangement, but I’d rather see an adorable child on the floor than, say, this:

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Very Little Gravitas Indeed

I’ve worked on airplanes for almost 15 years now. I’ve worked at the airlines — believe me people — BELIEVE ME — do not let your kid lay on that floor. Just don’t. I wish I had a picture of opened floorboards and carpet on these jets. The sheer amount of human hair and unknown sticky substance is quite horrifying. The amount of cleaning they do between flights is perfunctory at best, and non-existent at worst.

Again: DONT DO THIS. Well, unless you’re trying to train up your child’s immune system.

PSS — I hate to scold but in the event of turbulence, those seat bottoms aren’t meant to have heads bouncing against them. Some of those seats have somewhat sharp edges or screws/bolts in certain places. Honestly I’m shocked that the attendants haven’t said anything because that’s not very safe.